Pursuant to a 2012 Republic of Croatia government proposal to investigate the national benefits of large scale floating offshore wind development in Croatia and an assessment by the Oikon Institute for Applied Ecology that shows the potential of a 1GW+ capacity wind park in Croatia, CO2cut propose the assignment of a team of local and international consultants to author a Floating Offshore Wind - Adriatic (FLOW) Feasibility Study and demo project. The initial objective is to build a 5 turbine park, more than 12 kilometers from the shoreline, in Adriatic waters over 100 meters deep.

Croatia is the newest and 28th member of the European Union obligated to meet the EU's 2020 climate and energy package targets. CO2cut and Croatian Geonatura grupa initiates consortium with Norwegian partners (Global Maritime Group), Croatian shipyard Uljanik and University of Zagreb - Faculty for Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture. There is considerable interest in the synergy of Norwegian technology and finance with the strategic Mediterranean location and the personnel and production facilities available for serial production of floating wind units for the Adriatic, Mediterranean and the Middle East. The overall objectives of the project are to increase employment and to reduce dependence on imported electricity by reaching the EU 20-20-20 targets.