Travel and transportation have a massive carbon footprint. For example, air travel produces 19 times the greenhouse gases emissions of train travel. CO2cut addresses overall travel greenhouse gases emissions and balances (‘offsets’) these emissions at no extra cost for a user /client. CO2cut provides an innovative travel and shopping service that simultaneously invests in carbon balance projects world-wide. Our services/products cost the same and are the same as services/products of major e-travel, e-shopping providers, but are carbon neutral (at no extra cost to our customers).

You don’t need to reduce your carbon emissions on your own, you can use CO2cut's Fly.Stay.Buy. Every activity is carbon neutral and that important benefit is offered to you at no extra cost. It means you pay the same price using that you’d pay for the same services using major web services like Expedia or Amazon, but we include the offset of carbon emissions without any additional charges. Each activity that you need to do but that releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere: airline flights, hotel stays, or buying products with a calculable "carbon footprint",can be offset at no cost using

In addition, we price competitively for flights, hotel bookings and online shopping:
  • We give away a significant portion of our income to offset our users' CO2 emissions
  • We buy carbon offset projects around the world at wholesale prices through the Carbon Trade Exchange platform and we retire them permanently on the Markit Environmental Registry (i.e. we do not trade carbon offset credits after they’re purchased)
  • We keep our costs (and our emissions) as low as possible, avoiding unnecessary travel costs and reducing operational expenses
  • We have our headquarters and R&D in the newest EU country with lower operational and human resource costs than most of Europe (Croatia, in the capital city Zagreb)

Our projects, that neutralize every metric ton of your carbon emissions, are verified by major global standards in the form of carbon balance tons ('carbon credits'). Climate change is global; emissions released in one part of the world impact the whole world. The same is true offsetting CO2 emissions. For example, a carbon ton released in the US can be permanently neutralized by a protected forest in Tasmania. Trees anywhere and everywhere are carbon sinks and absorb CO2 from the atmosphere for photosynthesis and growth.

We emit as one; we reduce as one.

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